Patricia Heigl Aleman (* 1963 Caracas/Venezuela)


Patricia Heigl was born as Austrian in Caracas, Venezuela, coming from an old Austrian family.

Currently resides for 18 years between Vienna and Madrid in Europe . At the very moment, she is exhibiting for the fourth time in Vienna where she lives and for the sixth time in Europe. Among her petit comité of the world she painted and even made several private exhibitions in her exatelier del soto de la moraleja in Madrid, before returning to the same "world", as an avant-garde person and artist.

In Caracas, she was a disciple of the teacher Don Pedro Centeno Vallenilla since her age of 5 until his death, where inbetween she had direct contact with the painting maestro Jorge Pizzanni, teachers who both in short inspired their work before arriving at her own thesis and style...

In the late 80's to 90' she founded and became presided over the first "Movement Latin American for Arts" from Mexico to Patagonia, where she gathered 54 artists who exhibited their work together on non-profit base. The exhibitions of this group of artists were shown in Caracas in several galleries and ministries, which, as she said then, "…fills me with joy, knowing that mankind is moving for the fruit of its being".

In 1997, she made large murals for the House of Culture of Baruta, which were made in scaffolding, and still are in her possession a sketch of the mural of the entrance (published), works also carried out then with different techniques of their own.

Around the same time, she published as author a book that is now in the library Vienna Cervantes: “Evolutionary Transcendental Philosophy Concatenationes from 7 children stories in 7 languages”, author: “The gypsy" Patricia Heigl Aleman. Said book will be reprinted shortly with annexes of double registration.

2017/18, she exhibits her work in a prestigious gallery in Vienna (GERSHON VIENNA GALLERY), where the exhibition has been sublined as "PHADO ART THE STYLE OF THE 21ST CENTURY", evidently for giving merit in measuring her creations, which stand out for that meticulous curiosity, enigmatic and delicate avant-garde vision in a new and total authenticity. Inspired by humanity itself, in questions and answers that since childhood were lazily evident until today in the evidence of the eternal navigators in full for the stars.

The trigger, to return completely LITERAL, was for the manifestations to freedom by the pains of land of grace. In fact, it meant a more than important, parallel and titanic effort, since personally her own world vanished and she was just recovering. For all this, it created the style that in effect was a very thoughtful solo creation, for to achieve a new multi-discipline for art, which the artist calls "the obligatory messenger of history".

She united the painting, the photography and the technology of the handygraff, for what the creators of all times call muse.

The final result, in addition to its individual legions and unique combinations on the wall, which as the magical cube or rubik cube can reach infinity according to taste -and uses in turn that also lower emissions to the atmosphere are produced- with the durability in latex technology, superior in resistance time vs restoration.

PHADO ART: it is divided into PPH3HANDYGRAFF (CANVAS), OPTICAL EFFECT (photo) and PPHG ARAÑAO (lithography) and in her concern for the environment she  IS experimenting with other supports for her own techniques.

The second, she uses it to unveil in THE LEGACY, as the only unavoidable message of the route to follow of all the humanities as a witness, for that reason all the humanities, we are a visionary like: THE ETERNAL NAVIGATORS OF THE UNIVERSE.

This she tries as an unpublished exercise, going from the rock painting to our days, passing through sculpture and archeology among other traces instinctively in different countries and museums of the world.

Both techniques have contributed to leave relevant comparisons that corroborate the researches step by step to the empathic check indisputable of such an incorruptible message of ancestral love to the future for life; that later will reflect in stained glass windows that undoubtedly celebrate it.

In the third technique PPHG ARAÑAO reflects that celebration of achievement to freedom and balance to nature. That are reflected in the spontaneity of the stroke and more vivid colors without commitment from the memory of her childhood, the jungle and for each happy moment of her life, forever latent in her, with the love in her soul that from above will move her until her last breath.

On the death of his beloved Aunt Eva of Buchler and Aleman, decided in her honor, to change the name of a box (Fragile Humanity) to call it: THE LEGACY OF EVA HUMANITY, where she encompasses all the sense of the "WHY" of all her work.

This picture that came individually and in repetitive pictures of this one single flower that represents all the ethnic groups of the earth that evoke in a dance in their petals to life. As an exclusive and unique charity in favor of its own form and condition of the artist to children with cancer, diabetes and malnourished in the world.

To expand more of all the information see information in online search engines and in her facebook page Patricia Heigl, PHADO ART or pheigl instagram, to appreciate more of her work.

GERSHON VIENNA GALLERY is presenting acryl paintings by the artist, covering the period from 2015 to 2017 and exclusive artwork of the new "PPH3HANDYGRAFF (CANVAS)-technique (Latex360 new technology, environmentally friendly) and OPTICAL EFFECTS (photos). Patricia Heigl is also occuring under her pseudonym "PHADO" and together with her "new style for the 21st century", her art appearance is unified by the art concept term "PHADO ART". After the exhibition at GERSHON VIENNA GALLERY (till mid of January 2018), negotiations for further exhibitions in 2018 have already started.

Vienna, January 2018